VIDEO #100

"more hot personality radio"

Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

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VIDEO #100 (Oct. 2004)   $39.95 VHS, $35 DVD white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes),  $55 PAL DVD CONVERSION , $45 PAL CONVERSION TAPES for overseas use, 2 hours 

VIDEO #100 has some killer personality radio from around the country! Hot afternoon show in Minneapolis from KS-95 KSTP-FM with MOON & STACI (AC afternoons), personality afternoon show from Country giant KYGO/Denver with CRAIG "CATFISH" HUNTER (Country afternoons), heavy personality nights at legendary Hot AC KALC Alice in Denver with MR. MANTASTIC (The Bald Man With A Tan, formerly "The Nastyman."), Hot AC mornings with JEFF & JEN at WKRQ Q-102 Cincinnati, Country mornings with market legends TIM & WILLY at KNIX/Phoenix, personality AC nights with TUNA at Denver's Mix 100.3 KIMN, and very CHR-sounding ROBBY BRIDGES at Country WCTK/Providence (Country nights). Killer tape! 

Killer personality PM drive show from Hot AC KS-95 KSTP-FM/Minneapolis with MOON & STACI! This is a high profile morning show in the afternoon. Lots of phones - today including the International Moonalogue and "Know The Show." THE PM drive show in Minneapolis!

The Fish has brought personality radio back to Country KYGO/Denver! Smokin' uptempo Country PM drive show from CRAIG "CATFISH" HUNTER (formerly Craig Hunt when he did CHR). You rarely find this kind of energy on a Country station!


One of Denver's nighttime highlights is the "Bald Man With A Tan" Mr. Mantastic at legendary Alice KALC. Tonight is gay night on "Not Desperate But Dateless." Get ready to hit the dump button! Plus the "Whole Bunch Of New Music Hour." Thank god for Mr. Mantastic (formerly Chuck Nasty, "The Nastyman" at KIIS, etc.)


TIM & WILLY are the legendary morning guys in Phoenix, at Country KNIX! Today includes "Willy D. Loon Speaking" plus a bunch of other bits & phones. Very contemporary morning show that could fit on any format. Killer morning show!


JEFF & JEN joined Hot AC Q-102 WKRQ/Cincinnati from Tampa and are quickly becoming a big morning show in Cincinnati! Tons of phones with a running phone bit on the E-mail of the Week and a great phone interview with Candy Band. Hot male-female morning show!

TUNA is a nut-job loose with a microphone at Hot AC Mix 100 KIMN! Denver nights have never been funnier! With a name like Tuna, it has to be good!


Guess what, the smokin' night show in Providence is on the Country station - WCTK Kat Country 98.1 - with ROBBY BRIDGES! Way too high-energy for your average Country station. Tons of phones! This is a guy the other young DJs need to see!


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