Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

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VIDEO #111 (Jan. 2008) $39.95 VHS, $45 DVD white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes), $55 PAL VHS CONVERSION TAPES for overseas use, $55 PAL DVDwhite_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes) for play anywhere in the world on a PAL DVD player (Region-free DVD).  2 hours  

Wow, this is a great AM drive Personality tape! Featuring ELVIS DURAN & THE Z MORNING ZOO (Elvis Duran, Danielle Monaro, John Bell, Sharon Stevens, David Brody, TJ The DJ, Skeery Jones, Greg T., Scotty B., & Froggy) from Z100/New York. The legendary LOREN & WALLY Show (with Tom Doyle) from Classic Hits WROR/Boston. DAVE RYAN with Wilson, Steve-O, & Crisco from CHR KDWB/Minneapolis. And DAN HURST & DARCEY BLAKE from AC KUDL/Kansas City! What a collection of great morning shows! Just dripping with personality.

This was our last chance to catch ELVIS DURAN & The Z Morning Zoo before they move to the new Clear Channel Manhattan complex in January. We made a special trip to Jersey City and filmed them in the special studio they use each AM, across the hall from the main Z100 studio that you've seen in the past. Since the morning show syndicates to Y100/Miami, the main studio is also in use each morning. All local elements (traffic, weather, news, contests, promos, etc.) are recorded & fed just to the Z100 transmitter from the main studio..Hard to jam all the great stuff from this morning's show onto this tape! Stupid News with John Bell, a bit about buying a tag gun on Ebay & returning items to stores, a long lost Halloween Phone Tap with T.J. the DJ, Celebrity Sleeze with Danielle, and a bit on the Presidential Race. Absolutely a killer morning show from Elvis & The Zoo Crew!

Still one of the monster morning shows in the country, it's LOREN OWENS & WALLY BRINE with Tom Doyle at Classic Hits WROR/Boston! Wow these guys are incredible! Today we have an edition of "Wallyology", Tom does a "Dr. Proctor" bit and shows the listeners how to submit a "Townie Tune" which Tom will perform and award the listener $5000 (they play a few examples of Tom's incredible comedy songs). The Standells are in studio with some great stories about the "Dirty Water" era and touring with the Rolling Stones. While they're there, Loren & Wally play them Tom Doyle's "Dirty Daughter"...! Incredible morning show!

The monster morning show for Minneapolis is DAVE RYAN (with Wilson, Steve-O and Crisco) at CHR KDWB! Today includes several breaks of "Family Secrets" and "Will Wilson Do It" for a trip to Graceland. Tons of phones and a just all-around great morning show! Dave Ryan & crew are hot!


One of Kansas City's big morning shows is from legendary AC KUDL with DAN HURST & DARCEY BLAKE! They send producer Suzanne down to the bus stop to send the kids off on the first day of school, and have a long running bit with "Looove Court" which is hilarious. This is a very personality-packed morning show for a Lite AC station! 


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