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VIDEO #142 (Feb. 2024) Discounted to  $30 DVD white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes),  $40 PAL DVDwhite_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes) for play anywhere in the world on a PAL DVD player (Region-free DVD).  2 hours  Great video from around the country. Video #142 includes   2 fun-filled hours of great radio.  This issue starts with WWEG (The Eagle 106.9) Myersville MD (Frederick-Hagerstown) and the JACK DIAMOND MORNING SHOW (Jack Diamond, Jimmy Alexander and Lisa Ann) with a number of great bits this morning - you won't believe all the crap Jack pulls out of his pockets. Personality on the radio in Dallas in the afternoon is at Country KPLX with Jason Pullman. TONS of phones. The killer morning show in Norfolk is from AOR WNOR-FM with RICK RUMBLE! Afternoons in Orlando from Classic Hits WOCL (Sunny 105.9) is DOMINO! Including the world-famous weekend kickoff at 5PM on Friday! From WWZY/Long Branch NJ (The Boss 107.1) it's the ROBBY & ROCHELLE morning show. Lots of killer material from this husband-wife team.  2 hot hours of classic radio video from California Aircheck.









The JACK DIAMOND MORNING SHOW (Jack Diamond, Jimmy Alexander & Lisa Ann) has been in the Washington DC area for over 25 years now. Forever at WRQX until they were sold to EMF. Now at WWEG The Eagle 106.9 in the DC suburbs. Same killer show as at WRQX with plenty of great bits. You won't believe all the crap Jack pulls out of his pockets!





The most personality in the afternoons in Dallas is coming from Country KPLX The Wolf with Jason Pullman. He's got TONS of phones going this afternoon.


Can't find better than this in any market- RUMBLE IN THE MORNING (Rick Rumble) at WNOR-FM Norfolk. Personality Radio at its best!



DOMINO is still smokin' in the afternoon at Classic Hits Sunny 105.9 WOCL in Orlando. And today we also catch the legendary Domino Weekend Blast-Off! And, as always, plenty of phones.



 ROBBY BRIDGES & ROCHELLE GAGNON BRIDGES, Robby & Rochelle, the big morning show in the middle of New Jersey on WWZY/Long Branch NJ The Boss 107.1. Good enough to be on in New York City!



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