"Outstanding personality radio from around the country!"

Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

$39.95   (overseas PAL copies $54.95)

California Aircheck Video tapes are available in VHS (NTSC format as used in US, Canada, and Japan) or VHS PAL format (for Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, etc.).  Please specify the desired format when you order your videos. Videos are $39.95 per copy for VHS and $59.95 for VHS PAL formats.  Please add $5 for airmail shipping outside of the US and Canada.

VIDEO #85 (Apr. 2001)  $39.95  (overseas PAL copies $54.95 + shipping)
Video #85 has some outstanding personality radio from around the country! From DALLAS it's Kiss-FM KHKS (CHR nights) with DOMINO! Then JOHNNY MAC from WSIX/NASHVILLE (Country PM drive)! Oldies U-92 WYUU/TAMPA with MASON DIXON & BILL CONNOLLY (Oldies AM drive)! TAMI HEIDE from the World-Famous KROQ/LOS ANGELES (midday Alternative)! From KSCS/DALLAS it's TERRY DORSEY & HAWKEYE (Country AM drive)! And from Jammin' Oldies Mega 92.3 KCMG/LOS ANGELES it's BENNY MARTINEZ (Oldies PM drive). Killer 2-hour videotape!
white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes) for $50.00 (don't expect spectacular movie quality; but it is better than VHS; sorry, only playable on North American DVD players). But you will have the convenience of DVD if you no longer have a VHS deck.

Considered by many to be America's finest CHR night jock, it's DOMINO from Kiss-FM KHKS/DALLAS! And he doesn't disappoint tonight! Tons of phones from the master!


Then it's a great Country PM drive show from legendary WSIX/NASHVILLE and JOHNNY MAC (JOHNNY MAC FLANIGAN)! He really jumps out of the radio! Uptempo and plenty of phones.


TAMPA'S killer morning show has moved to a new home. MASON DIXON & BILL CONNOLLY are now at Oldies U-92 WYUU! Jammed with great stuff! Bill's Polka Challenge, from the set of "Ocean's 11" its a call to Brad Pitt's hotel room, and a call from George Clooney on the set. And psychic Aileen Cunningham (and sister Sizzlean!) Outrageous morning show!


TAMI HEIDE does an incredible midday shift at Alternative "World Famous" KROQ in LOS ANGELES! Personality and phones! Great show!


One of the best Country morning shows in the world comes from TERRY DORSEY & HAWKEYE at KSCS/DALLAS! Killer show! The 10-Second Ticket Blitz (or is it Frenzy?), a call from the Deacon, plenty of listener phones, and will race car driver Andrio Sapparini make an appearance? 


From Jammin' Oldies Mega 92.3 KCMG/LOS ANGELES, it's BENNY MARTINEZ doing a great afternoon show with phones! Great personality show!


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