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VIDEO #88 (Nov. 2001)  $39.95 VHS; $54.95 overseas PAL; $50.00 DVD  white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes)
Video #88 is another hot 2 hour video! Featuring CHIO IN THE MORNING (Chio, Christie, Diego and Wendy) at CHR Q102, WIOQ/PHILADELPHIA, KANE on the 90'S CHANNEL from XM SATELLITE/WASHINGTON including a tour of the incredible XM facilities in Washington DC, TARZAN DAN from CHR KISS 92, CISS/TORONTO (PM drive), DIAMOND IN THE MORNING (Jack Diamond, Stacey, Jimmy & Chilli) from HOT AC MIX 107.3 WRQX/WASHINGTON, RALPHIE, KAREN & RICHARD (Ralphie Marino, Karen Blake & Richard Hatch, yep, the same guy from the original Survivor) from Rhythmic AC WQSX/BOSTON, plus THE MORNING ZOO (Chet Buchanan, Amy & Danger Boy) from CHR KLUC/LAS VEGAS! Another personality-filled video! $39.95 on VHS.

California Aircheck Video tapes are available in VHS (NTSC format as used in US, Canada, and Japan) or VHS PAL format (for Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, etc.).  Please specify the desired format when you order your videos. Please add $5 for airmail shipping outside of the US and Canada. (Overseas PAL copies of this tape are $54.95 plus $5 for airmail shipping for a total of $59.95.  

NEW! DVD copies! $50.00 each. These are not spectacular movie quality but better than VHS quality for those who find DVD more convenient than VHS tape. Playable in the US and Canada and anywhere else that an NTSC DVD player is used!


Philadelphia's legendary Top 40 station from the 90's and today is Q-102, WIOQ. CHIO, CHRISTIE, DIEGO AND WENDY are the morning crew at the Q and they are one of the hottest shows in Philly! It's Group Therapy Wednesday, Diego spreads the word that it's No Thanks, I'm Not Hungry Day at drive-throughs, plus the Hollywood Dirt. And there's trouble brewing on the Chio ranch. Great show!


KANE is the night-slammer on the XM SATELLITE 90's CHANNEL. It's just like CHR nights but with just recurrents and oldies! KILLER phones! And a tour of the incredible XM facilities in Washington DC. Can Kane get an engineer into the studio in only 30 seconds? The clock is running....  This is a killer night show!

TARZAN DAN is absolutely whacko on PM drive at CHR Kiss 92, CISS/TORONTO! Lots of phones plus the live Weekly Top 20 Countdown of Toronto's favorites. This is a great personality PM drive show!

JACK DIAMOND (with Stacey, Jimmy, Chilli and Cindy) is the BIG morning show in WASHINGTON DC at Mix 107.3 WRQX! Lots of topical material including a phoner with Cokie Roberts, Stupid Criminal File, Survivor and the High-Low Jackpot! Great A/C morning show!


RALPHIE MARINO, KAREN BLAKE & RICAHRD HATCH do a great topical morning show at Rhythmic AC Star 93.7 WQSX/BOSTON! Lots of phones with guests and listeners on making a baby & terrorism. The Star Report and a phoner with Emeril! Another great AC morning show!


And from legendary CHR KLUC/LAS VEGAS it's CHET BUCHANAN, AMY and DANGER BOY, the KLUC Morning Zoo! Funny stuff with the Impossible Question and News From The Trailer Park Nation! Killer CHR mornings!



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