Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

$39.95 on VHS

California Aircheck Video tapes are available in VHS (NTSC format as used in US, Canada, and Japan) or VHS PAL format (for Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, etc.).  Please specify the desired format when you order your videos. Videos are $39.95 per copy for VHS and $59.95 for VHS PAL formats.  Please add $5 for airmail shipping outside of the US and Canada.

NEW! DVD copies! $45.00 each. These are not spectacular movie quality but better than VHS quality for those who find DVD more convenient than VHS tape. Playable in the US and Canada and anywhere else that an NTSC DVD player is used! 

VIDEO #93 (Jan.  2003)   $39.95 VHS, $45 DVD white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes), $54.95 PAL CONVERSION TAPES for overseas use, 2 hours
This first tape of 2003 is SMOKIN'! Our first look at the new Z100/NEW YORK digital studio in Jersey City has night slammer ROMEO and he is doing a killer night show! BOSTON'S's Rhythmic A/C WQSX (Star 93.7) is next with night slammer JOE ROSATI! Although Star is a Rhythmic A/C, the approach is very CHR at night! Legendary BIG RON O'BRIEN is now at Oldies WOGL/PHILADELPHIA doing afternoons. He still sounds INCREDIBLE and his timing is impeccable! DEBBI CALTON does an outstanding midday show at Classic Rock WMGK/PHILADELPHIA. Great A/C morning show from Mix 92.5 KLSY/SEATTLE with MURDOCK, HUNTER & ALICE! Then one of the Midwest's premier Country morning shows from WUBE/CINCINNATI (B-105) with DOC, AMANDA & JOE. And finally, 80's Top 40 screamer, CHUCK "BOOM BOOM" CANNON, now doing mornings at Oldies 98.3 WGCO/SAVANNAH. A LOAD of personality jammed into this 2-hour tape!
$39.95 for the VHS tape, $45.00 for the DVD (playable on USA/Japan style DVD players, NOT PAL) and $59.95 (includes airmail shipping) for the PAL converted VHS tape playable in most areas of the world where USA style NTSC is not used..

Our first look at Z100/New York's new digital studio in Jersey City with night slammer ROMEO! Romeo's night show is jammed with tons of personality and phones! Tonight's killer show includes "None Of Your Business," "Celebrity Ass Fight" and an interview with Los Ketchup.


Star 93.7 WQSX/Boston is Rhythmic A/C, but the night show is very CHR formatically with JOE ROSATI! Joe has lots of phones and we see a LOT of tweaking off-air on the "1-800-Name-Game." Great night show with lots of personality!



Legendary Top 40 screamer BIG RON O'BRIEN is now doing afternoons at oldies WOGL/Philadelphia. He's still HOT and his timing is impeccable! A heavy-duty personality afternoon show!



At Classic Rock WMGK/Philadelphia, DEBBI CALTON does an outstanding midday show! Lots of music/artist info and history from one of Philly's great rock jocks! 



MURDOCK, HUNTER & ALICE are one of the hot morning shows in Seattle at Mix 92.5 KLSY. Lots of phones and topical material including Battle of the Sexes, golf, Krispy Kremes and a Mystery Guest. Great A/C morning show!


One of the Midwest's hot Country morning shows is DOC, AMANDA and JOE at B-105 WUBE/Cincinnati. LOTS of phones, including a running bit on food nicknames, Burgers For Brains, and Stupid Joke Of The Day.


80's Top 40 screamer CHUCK "BOOM BOOM" CANNON is now t Oldies 98.3 WGCO/Savannah. High energy and comedy mixed in with the oldies! Great oldies morning show!




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