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Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

California Aircheck Video tapes are available in VHS (NTSC format as used in US, Canada, and Japan) or VHS PAL format (for Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, etc.).  Please specify the desired format when you order your videos. Videos are $39.95 per copy for VHS and $54.95 for VHS PAL formats.  Please add $5 for airmail shipping outside of the US and Canada.

NEW! DVD copies! $45.00 each. These are not spectacular movie quality but better than VHS quality for those who find DVD more convenient than VHS tape. Playable in the US and Canada and anywhere else that an NTSC DVD player is used! 

VIDEO #97 (Feb. 2004)  $39.95 VHS, $45 DVD
white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes), $54.95 PAL  CONVERSION TAPES for overseas use, 2 hours
VIDEO #97 has some outstanding personality radio! Includes Hot AC KRSK/Portland with Dr. Doug & Skippy (PM drive), Rhythmic CHR WJMN/Boston with Ramiro & Pebbles (AM drive), Country WXTU/Philadelphia with Evans & Andi )AM drive), CHR WIOQ/Philadelphia with Chio, Angi, Diego & Joey (AM drive), Baltimore's Country WPOC with Michael J. & Jen (PM drive), and WWKB/Buffalo with Jackson Armstrong tracking his night show from North Carolina on Oldies KB. This is a killer tape!
$39.95 for the VHS tape, $45.00 for the DVD (playable on USA/Japan style DVD players, NOT PAL) and $59.95 (includes airmail shipping) for the PAL converted VHS tape playable in most areas of the world where USA style NTSC is not used. 

MICHAEL J. and JEN do a killer afternoon show at Country WPOC/Baltimore. Michael J. provides tons of personality and is his usual irreverent self. Plenty of phones and they do a great Christmas in October contest with the voice changer. This is what you should be hearing on the afternoon show on your local Country station!

Won't be long before this is the Number 1 morning show in Philadelphia! CHIO, ANGI, DIEGO & JOEY B. do a killer morning show at CHR WIOQ/Philadelphia. Today is Angi's 30th birthday and Chio has invited listeners to the morning show along with a 400-lb male stripper (and the REAL strippers that are Angi's surprise). The place is packed and they're having a great time. They also talk to Kevin James from King Of Queens and do a lot of phones. This is a killer CHR morning show!

Legendary JACK ARMSTRONG does what is considered to be the best voicetracked show in America on WWKB/Buffalo from his studio in North Carolina. He explains the process for us, and then screams his way through his night show on WWKB. Even better than he did it in the 70's! What a treat!


SCOTT EVANS used to be half of the very successful Harmon & Evans morning show but is now teamed with ANDIE SUMMERS for a new male-female duo. They're great! It's a very topical and contemporary morning show on WXTU/Philadelphia. Andie does country music news, and they also feature "The Happys," "Who Wants To Live Like A Millionaire" and "The Final Contest." The show moves fast and they work well together. An excellent country morning show!

RAMIRO AND PEBBLES (with Melissa) do a very fun CHR Rhythmic morning show at WJMN/Boston. You'll hear Melissa's Music Minute, Pebbles' Entertainment Report, talk about the Red Sox, and they wax Little Pimp's legs live on the air after he loses a bet. The leg waxing bit is hilarious! This is one of the best Rhythmic morning shows in the country!

Two person afternoon shows are popping up all over the country these days. DR. DOUG & SKIPPY have a great one at Alternative A/C The Buzz KRSK/Portland. These are two wise-asses with microphones! Tons of phones and contesting. Includes "Skippy's Quick Flick", an Elvis impersonation, and more. Great afternoon drive show that really ought to be in a much larger market!


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