Killer personality radio!"

Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

California Aircheck Video tapes are available in VHS (NTSC format as used in US, Canada, and Japan) or VHS PAL format (for Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, etc.).  Please specify the desired format when you order your videos. Videos are $39.95 per copy for VHS and $54.95 for VHS PAL formats.  Please add $5 for airmail shipping outside of the US and Canada.

VIDEO #78 (August 1999)  Killer personality radio! Features Pittsburgh's CHR WBZZ/John, Dave, Bubba & Shelly (AM drive) , San Diego's Hot AC KMSX/Kerry McCall (midday), Chicago's CHRWKIE (Kiss FM)/George McFly & Melissa Forman (AM drive), Detroit's Hot AC Q95.5WKQI/Steve Cochran (AM drive), St. Louis' AC Y98 KYKY/Guy Phillips & Michelle Dibble and Chicago's Oldies WJMK/Scott Miller (PM drive). This is a great personality 2-hour tape!

WKQICochran.gif (41718 bytes) Killer morning show from DETROIT's Hot AC WKQI Q95.5 and STEVE COCHRAN! No delay, no tape, it's all live! A couple of great running bits this morning... intern Julie & her friend Kim are going to the Tigers' locker room that night to do an interview, and "Is Barb Creepy?" Great stuff!


WKIEMcFly2.gif (38357 bytes) WKIEForman2.gif (44308 bytes)

Legendary CHR night jock GEORGE McFLY is now teamed with MELISSA FORMAN for AM drive at new CHR KISS FM, WKIE/CHICAGO. Great CHR morning show! George sends Melissa  on the Space Shuttle this AM and they dress producer Doug as a woman to score a free Barbie doll at Wrigley Field! Great bits!


KYKYPhillips.gif (46513 bytes) KYKYMichelle.gif (40895 bytes)

GUY PHILLIPS and MICHELLE DIBBLE do a killer AC morning show at Y98, KYKY/ST. LOUIS! Long running bit on impressions this AM as Guy, Michelle and producer Courtney do theirs and then have tons of listener calls with their impersonations!


WBZZKline.gif (42790 bytes) WBZZShellyDave.gif (42522 bytes)

JOHN, DAVE, BUBBA, SHELLEY are the killer morning show in PITTSBURGH at CHR legend B94, WBZZ! This AM, John & Dave pull Shelley's chain with a phony Ricky Martin phone call, Bubba does "Menu of Madness" on the street, and Dave & Shelley's Acting School.


KMSXMcCall.gif (42420 bytes) Then some midday personality from Hot AC Mix 95.7 KMSX/SAN DIEGO with KERRY MCCALL. Lots of phones, great midday AC show!


WJMKMiller.gif (40945 bytes) And finally it's SCOTT MILLER at Oldies WJMK/CHICAGO in PM drive! Formatics here don't allow a lot of talk but Scott keeps the hits comin' and does a great job in afternoons!


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