More Killer personality radio!"

Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

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VIDEO #79 (October 1999) More killer personality radio! This one features Los Angeles CHR KIIS-FM/JoJo Wright (nights), AC KBIG/Billy Burke (nights), AC KOST/Ted Ziegenbusch (nights; Love Songs), San Jose's AOR KSJO/Lamont Hollywood & Paul Tonelli (AM drive), San Francisco's Oldies KFRC/Jeff Dean (PM drive) and CHR dance KYLD/Rene Taylor (midday) plus Sacramento's CHR KDND/Heather Lee (midday)! This is a hot personality-oriented  2-hour tape!


KIISJoJo.gif (204611 bytes) Legendary KIIS-FM/LOS ANGELES is the home of night killer JOJO WRIGHT! GREAT CHR night show! JoJo builds his show on the phones and uses them for EVERYTHING! Night jocks, don't miss this one!



KSJOLamont.gif (171250 bytes) KSJOTonelli.gif (198305 bytes)

One of the country's leading AOR morning shows is from LAMONT HOLLYWOOD & PAUL TONELLI at KSJO/SAN JOSE! It's a "Do You A Favor" Thursday and another running bit this morning is the "Bitch Slap." Only listener Coleen shows up because of bad directions from producer Sully; so the boys make Sully their bitch for the morning and the slaps get started! This is a killer AOR morning show that takes on the syndicated shows!

KSJOBitchslap2.gif (198972 bytes) BITCH-SLAP CAM



KBIGBilly2.gif (180427 bytes) BILLY BURKE is now at AC KBIG/LOS ANGELES and is running like crazy during his shift as he does the All Request Night Show! Great fun and lots of phones - not your typical AC night show!



KFRCJD2.gif (208335 bytes) At legendary KFRC/SAN FRANCISCO, JEFF DEAN (J.D.) has tons of personality in PM drive at Oldies 99.7! Lots of phones and bits! Great stuff for any format!



KDNDHeather.gif (173081 bytes) HEATHER LEE has one of the best midday shows in SACRAMENTO at CHR KDND (The End)! Lots of personality and phones here; she has a great time on the air.



KYLDRene.gif (174933 bytes)  

Then SAN FRANCISCO'S killer midday show from RENE TAYLOR at  Dance CHR KYLD, WILD 94.9! She's great on the phones; lots of personality for middays here!



KOSTTed .gif (172551 bytes) And finally it's the country's longest running LOVE SONGS show with TED ZIEGENBUSCH at AC KOST/LOS ANGELES! Phones, dedications, "Love Notes" and more! It's a great look at one of the country's first and most popular nighttime LOVE SONGS shows!


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