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Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

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VIDEO #82 (July 2000) More outstanding personality radio! Features JIM MERKEL & GARY DICKSON at Oldies 3SW WWSW/Pittsburgh (AM Drive); A.J. at CHR Q102 WKRQ/Cincinnati (afternoons); LENO from CHR Q102 WKRQ/Cincinnati (nights); DAVE RYAN with Angie Taylor at CHR KDWB/Minneapolis (morning drive); GREG BROWNING at CHR WZPL/Indianapolis (midday), Jammin' Oldies WJJJ/Pittsburgh with THE REAL DEAL MIKE NEIL (Nights) and MICHELLE RIVERS at A/C WENS/Indianapolis (midday). Heavy personality from everyone on this tape!

WWSWJimMerkel.gif (164111 bytes) WWSWGary Dickson.gif (128996 bytes)


Great oldies morning show from 3WS WWSW/Pittsburgh with JIM MERKEL & GARY DICKSON. Or any format for that matter! Tons of phones and a running bit on getting advise for Jim now that his daughter is turning 13. Plus, Gary stops an oscillating fan with his tongue!

WKRQAJ.gif (205816 bytes) Then on to a hot CHR afternoon show with A.J. at legendary Q102 WKRQ/Cincinnati. A.J. spends a LOT of time assembling phone calls to use in this hour!



WKRQLeno.gif (224099 bytes) Then it's Q102 WKRQ/Cincinnati night jock LENO! LENO also does TONS of phones & this is a HEAVY PERSONALITY CHR night show! It's PACKED with phones and phone bits! HOT!


KDWBDaveRyan.gif (153908 bytes) DAVE RYAN with Angie Taylor has the big morning show in Minneapolis at CHR legend KDWB! Great CHR morning show! Tons of listener phones. This morning, it's the Freak Show & Celebrity Secrets. Jammed with personality!


WJJJMikeNeil.gif (201902 bytes) At Pittsburgh's Jammin' Oldies, WJJJ 104.3 The Beat, THE REAL DEAL MIKE NEIL has a great time jocking old school to go with the oldies. Killer show. NO phones!


WZPLGregBrowning.gif (207274 bytes) Yet ANOTHER personality CHR show! This time midday with GREG BROWNING at CHR WZPL/Indianapolis. LOTS of phones!!


WENSMRivers.gif (157749 bytes) And with another personality midday show, it's MICHELLE RIVERS at A/C WENS/Indianapolis. More phones and lots of fun with Michelle and the WENS Millionaire Contest!



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