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Look right into the studios of America's top radio stations and see the country's best personalities on the air as they do their shows!

California Aircheck Video tapes are available in VHS (NTSC format as used in US, Canada, and Japan) or VHS PAL format (for Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, etc.).  Please specify the desired format when you order your videos. Videos are $39.95 per copy for VHS and $54.95 for VHS PAL formats.  Please add $5 for airmail shipping outside of the US and Canada.

NEW! DVD copies! $45.00 each. These are not spectacular movie quality but better than VHS quality for those who find DVD more convenient than VHS tape. Playable in the US and Canada and anywhere else that an NTSC DVD player is used! 

VIDEO #99 (July 2004)   $39.95 VHS, $45 DVD white_cdrom_ani3.gif (2508 bytes), $54.95 PAL CONVERSION TAPES for overseas use, 2 hours
VIDEO #99 has some great CHR night jocks and personality radio from around the country! Includes JIM ZIPPO AND SHERI SINGER (legendary Jim Zippo who used to have the nationwide Oldies morning show) at Oldies KQOL/Las Vegas (AM drive), DOMINO at Dance-CHR KKDL/Dallas (nights), JOE ROSATI from CHR giant Z100/New York (late nights), JET BLACK (nights) at Z107.7 KSLZ/St. Louis, MERKEL & CRIS (mornings) at Oldies giant 3WS WWSW/Pittsburgh, TOM CHASE & NICOLE at Soft AC Sunny 106.5 KSNE/Las Vegas (mornings) plus KOBE (PM drive) at CHR WBZZ/Pittsburgh.  
Click here for  pictures and description of Video #99.

Legendary JIM ZIPPO is teamed with SHERI SINGER at Oldies KQOL/LAS VEGAS! You'll remember Zippo from his nationwide Oldies morning show back in the 90's. Zippo is a nutjob loose with a microphone in Vegas! Lots of bits today - National Weatherperson's Day, Tom Brokejaw, What's Next & Wardrobe Malfunction. This is THE high profile Oldies morning show!

Night Slammer DOMINO is back in DALLAS at "The Party Station" Dance CHR KKDL. Need we say more? The studio-transmitter line crashes tonight and when he's back on the air, the 9:00 "mini-mix" runs the whole hour & Domino is smokin'! A typical GREAT Domino video!


JOE ROSATI has  TONS of phones at legendary CHR Z100/NEW YORK. A great late-night (10P-2A) CHR night show! Joe really mines the  phones and uses them constantly throughout the show. He inserts as much personality as he can in his night show!



JET BLACK has the happening night show in ST. LOUIS at CHR Z107.7 KSLZ. "The Skinny Little White Boy With The Big Mouth" uses LOTS of phones all night. He'll "hook you up like a tow truck" for some on-air romance. A LOT of time is spent pulling material off the phone lines!


PITTSBURGH legend JIM MERKEL & CRIS WINTER are the big morning show at Oldies 3WS WWSW. Lots of topical material, American Idol, The Birthday Game, Race For The Cure. And a tour of the Pittsburgh Clear Channel facility. Great Oldies morning show!

The big AC station in LAS VEGAS is Lite AC Sunny 106.5 KSNE. TOM CHASE & NICOLE have a great topical morning show (Tom is the younger brother of Eric Chase of KFRC and KFI fame). Lots of phones for "Other People's Problems." This is a very personality-oriented morning show for a Lite AC station!

WBZZ/PITTSBURGH has blown up the 20+ year CHR format, but before they did, we caught afternooner KOBE. 93.7 BZZ was very music intensive at the time and Kobe uses the VoxPro A LOT as he keeps the  music flowing.



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